Gold – What should we know??

Mummy: “Gold is good… the price always goes up… berry valuable… just like HDB”


Guess Mummy is right…. what am I saying… she’s always right.

As everyone can infer, Gold prices is still on an upwards (appreciating value) trend. Hmm, is it a good thing? As you can see the price of Gold tends to only appreciate when there is financial instability (2001 – Dot-Com Crisis | 2008 – CDO crisis ). So if Gold price is appreciating now….. does it means we are experiencing financial instability again ???!?!?!?! Does it means no more shopping????

Knowing this brings great importance of understanding “value-buying”. Let’s step into “unicorn” land for awhile, right infront of you is a bungalow ( 9 bedrooms, 8 ensuite bathe, 15 meter wide swimming pool, 1 brand new hot tub, fully furbished) selling at a 50% of market value. WHAT WOULD MUMMY DO??!?!?! she would buy it immediately because…. she knows Land is Singapore is scarce and EVENTUALLY there would be a time where she could make a profit out on it (plus she has waited for a few years to use her investment money).

Same theory but different investment instrument

Having the knowledge of how powerful APPLE now, would u invest back then? If you would to invest the min amount ($990) when Apple first IPO… you would have a whopping $313,740 (31,590.90% on ROI)  now!




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