Financial Thermostat – Changed My Life!

Today I have learnt something that is life changing!

There are two types of Financial thermostat in life

  • Income Thermostat
  • Net-Worth Thermostat

Have you realised your saving account doesn’t goes above or below a certain amount (Comfort level – The area between the ceiling and floor)?


Net-Worth Thermostat

It because once your account goes below your Financial Floor (Support level), you tend to feel poor and that is when you tell yourself to reduce your spending.

Once your account number goes beyond your Financial Ceiling(Resistance Level), it is where you think you have the ability to splurge like a king (Eat more, buy more, change everything that doesn’t even need to be in changed in the first place and etc) until you fall back into your safe zone.

It’s true that people tends to fluctuate around these area (Financial Thermostat). This is due to the lack of knowledge (empowerment) of it. The Financial floor is fuelled by your empowering beliefs of what you think is possible for yourself and what you rightfully think should be your minimum. While the Financial Ceiling is your disempowering beliefs on what you think you should deserve.

The idea of understanding the financial thermostat is to remove the financial ceiling while increasing your financial floor through empowerment and self-worth. It’s through empowerment you will learn to manipulate the knowledge attain to eradicate the financial celling.

The last question that was left to me was “which do you think come first? Do you think your values and beliefs are adjusted when you make all these money or do you think you make all these money as a result of your ever-improving change of values and beliefs on what is possible of you?

+1 Knowledge Point



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