Singapore in 4 Years time

Have you ever wondered will happen to our economy in 4 years time?

Will it be a better time to start a business?

Goods more expensive?

What if i would to say now is the best time to start a business?


2020 Forecast by Trading Economics

Paying close attention to inflation rate (The growth in price level of goods/services) and interest rate (The rate your borrow from banks). You can see the drastic increase in both categories and lastly the GDP growth rate. GDP Growth Rate talks about Singapore economy as a whole. With improving economy, there will be a greater demand for your product and it is where the price of your goods could be price higher theoretically.

Why would u want to start a business when everything is expensive in the latter days when you can start it now at a “cheaper price”? – Remember you will face a higher risk later as compared to now.

“Understanding the importance of time, will allow you to value every second”


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