Housing – Buying/Selling (Learn it in 1 chart)

Singapore Property Price Index is the only thing u need to know


Resale & New flat (SRX) – Overall an uptrend market

The property index depicts the current health of the property market hence knowing this is vital. Looking at the chart, the first area (Between the red lines) was caused by the dot-com crisis followed by the gulf war. In 2005 (Green line), Government injected stimulus that boost the housing price. Lastly, 2008 (Last set of red lines) the housing bubble crisis.

Learning to interpret the chart will help you in buying and selling your house at the so-called “right” time. For example, in 2005 Government have introduce a stimulus whereby Individuals can take up to 90% loan and only have to pay a 10% downpayment for the house. Which mean you would probably get a good loan rate (Since housing is down) and you have additional 10% spare cash (since you don’t have to pay 20%) to invest. Remember at that point of time stamp tax for your second house is 0%

In a “housing-nut” shell, seeing how stimulus and external markets can affect the property price in Singapore, all you need to do is to reinterpret it to your best advantage. (Where professional bullshiters would say to buy low & sell high)

“So how should you buy or sell – That’s the billion dollar question”

Let wait for the next cooling measure and stimulus together 😦

p.s imma buyer

+1 Knowledge point


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