KSH Holdings Limited – What really matters in a Stock

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To answer the previous question more specifically on what companies I should look at…… I normally use SGX Stock Facts Function to help screen out companies with Numbers that interest me

1)  Identification of Companies that are undervalued.

  • Price to book ratio: 0.835 ( Discounted by 16.5% of its actual value)
  • Price to earnings ratio: 4.066 (The company is in the average growth & price level across the other companies in the same industry)

2)  Learn about Their numbers

  • Total Asset: $532.035 Mil
  • Total Liabilities: $132.67 Mil
  • Net Asset Value: 0.8912
  • Growth Performance: 41.61%
  • Cashflow management – Ability to reduce COGS and increase net income over the years (Especially when total revenue is at a lower level than before)

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.04.14 am.jpg


“Always give more than you can receive”

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Im saving up money to buy at the perfect timing hence I doubt i will be buying into this now 🙂

Learning about Tax Scheme – Making you rich faster

aiya its just small money…so lazy to read and understand

Currently, Singapore has 4  Tax Scheme;

  1. Area representative Scheme – If u work out of Singapore often & you’re hired by a foreigner that pays u remuneration to your foreign bank account.
  2. Non-Ordinary Resident (NOR) Scheme – Mainly for foreigners
  3. Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) – for everyone earning above 30k/Yearly
  4. Angel Investor Tax Reduction Scheme (AITD) – for investors


It’s a voluntary retirement scheme initiated by the government that allows u to park your cash (a part of your salary) to reduce your chargeable income (reduce tax to be paid) yet at the same time allow u to invest without paying tax on your returns (In your SRS account)


  • The maximum amount that you can put inside is $15,300
  • In order to attain full tax exemption, you can only withdraw at retirement age 62
  • 5% penalty on total sum, if withdrawal is done before retirement age


  • Reduce your opportunity cost (refrain from paying smaller tax)

Eg: You’re earning $40k per anum (means you’re liable to $550 tax). Knowing SRS benefits, you choose to park $15.3k (Max per year) into the scheme. This will then bring your total income to $24.7k, hence putting you in a spot where you do not have to pay any tax on your total income. 10 years of that saves you $5.5k, 20 years would be $11k.

You can open an SRS account through most of the Banks in Singapore


In an SRS nutshell, this is a really good scheme that will definitely expedite my journey to financial independence but there are still some considerations to be considered, such as time value of money and other opportunity costs….. but I will soon be subscribing to the scheme:)

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Value Investing – What Really Matters Series

wa so many things to take note of, like that by the time I evaluate a company I sure pass away one.

What company should I look at?? -something I’m familiar with? or everything since diversity is a good thing?

This is a question that many have asked but little have an answer to it, even for me, but what I do know is it that I’m looking for companies that are selling at a discount due to past inadequate evaluation/market cycle. (I love cheap stuff with value – Karang Guni)

  1. Identification of Companies that are undervalued.
    • Price to Earnings Ratio
    • Price to Book Ratio
  2. Learn about Their numbers
    • Net Asset Value
    • Total Liabilities
    • Growth Performance
    • Cashflow management
*What had been listed are what I only know now, hopefully, I will learn more important numbers/”stuff”*

I’ll be starting a value investing series that will cover Stocks, REITs, and Bonds. Ideally, I plan to blog them twice a week, covering one instrument at a time (I will alternate it on a monthly basis). My intention is to practice yet at the same time share it with you all! 🙂

“Always give more than you can receive”

Can’t wait to add points into my  “Passive Income

Maximising your investment dollars

Not only risk management makes a difference..

  1.  Learning about min. Commission (Standard Chartered)

    • Min Charge of $10 or 0.2% (You will pay whichever is higher)
      • Eg. If you buy $1,000 worth of stocks – $2 (0.2%) is lower than $ 10 so you will have to pay $10
      • If you buy $6,000 worth of stocks – $12 (0.2%) is higher than $10 so you will have to pay $12
    • Finding the equilibrium will expedite your journey to F.I
      • When you purchase $5,000 worth of stocks in a single transaction you are maximising your min commission and this is vital, especially when you’re starting small (Like me).
      • Eg. If you purchase $1,000 worth of stock once a month (cost = $120) compare to purchase $5,000 worth of stock once every 5 month (cost = $20)
      • The difference between the two is $100 and if you multiply that by 10 times that is a $1,000 dollar opportunity cost
  2. Timing of dividend payout (Nikko Am STI ETF)

    • Dividend payout is during Jan and July (Bi-annually)
      • Eg. You’ve schedule to purchase $5,000 unit worth of stock  in June, you will receive a dividend of $58.136 [1,690 units x 0.0344] within the next month.
      • Imagine a larger number, if you would to purchase 200,000 units ($590k), you will receive a dividend of $6,880 within the next month.
      • Image a well sorted out world, where have found the best company to invest as it is undervalued, financially stable and have high dividend pay out. You will be getting additional money at a faster rate (purchasing ability) to be prepare for the next best investment.


In a “maximising” nut shell, the opportunity cost and timing can be challenged by the price of a stock. So make sure the “low” price that you are paying for does offset or  is greater than than the opportunity cost.

“Every dollar makes a difference but only you can let that happen”

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Steps to open a Standard Chartered Securities Trading account

I don’t know how to do it, so tedious… because got no one to help me

Step 1: Locate a branch near you

Step 2: Go to that branch (during nonpeak hours) that you have selected 


Try to avoid peak hours! I’ve done mine within 30mins

Step 3: Approach the ticketing counter (There will be an assistant/agent standing there) and ask to open a securities trading account


If you have an existing bank account with Standard Chartered, your process will be quicken by half the time.

If not (Like me), You will have to open a bank account with them.

Step 4: Open an E$avers account 

This is their most basic bank account

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.00.42 amScreen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.00.04 am

Step 5: After that, you will be asked to do a Customer Assessment Review (CAR) 


The quiz/test is basically to test your financial literacy

Tips to pass this quiz

  • Know the different financial instruments & How you can purchase them (on theory)
  • Or you can just pretend you know everything ( You will pass it easily)

Once you passed the quiz, The agent will ask if you would like to open an account for different exchange, IT IS FREE, so I recommend you to do so.

*If you’re doing the quiz on paper or the account opening on paper or CAR, the option of opening foreign exchange account option will be visible on it.*

Step 6: A Temporary ID and Password will be passed to you


This is a picture from Google Image ( It will come in a physical card form)

It will all be given to you on the day itself – It will come through a text message

If it is not given, do ask them or you can call customer service for your temporary ID & PW

Step 7: Register for Online Banking through using your Temporary ID

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.27.39 am

Press online Banking and Scroll down

Step 8: After all is done, Sign in to your online banking


Please be sure that you have a Securities Settlement Account before heading to the next step

Step 9 : You have to open an online trading account (it’s separate from a Securities Settlement Account) – It can only be opened through Online Banking

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.38.59 am.jpg

Go under your Dashboard – You will be able to see online trading under-invest

Step 10 (Final Step): Apply for your online trading account – It will take about 1-5 working days to open your a/c ( I recommend you do it ASAP) 

I’ve lost the image for this step 😦 sorry!

Hopefully, this benefits you! 🙂 Remember to say no to other products if the agents are selling you, unless it benefits you fully


Income Stream – 3 Ways to earn more each month! (Comprehensive)

Cannot you MUST follow society, study hard get good grades and get a good job! Work only one job and focus all your energy on it and pray that one day u can be a millionaire

Have you been faced with this question HOW and WHAT can we do to earn extra $$$???

  1. Online Surveys

    1. CrashCrate – An average survey will give you about $1 which will require about 10-15mins of your time (You will earn minimum $1 a day ) – $30 USD a month 

      I have yet to withdraw money from this survey but i’m 14 surveys short to my first withdrawal! I’ll let you guys know 14 days from now! In the meanwhile, you can research on this survey website – It has a 10 year no payment fault history (Super reliable)! 

  2.  Freelance work

    1. Fiverr – Allows you to sell any services that you are able to give (Accounting/Designing/Admin Work)

      Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.51.23 pm

      Fiverr – I have attached my referral link to give you a free GiG (Means you can get a free service)

    2. Freelance – Something similar to Fiverr but you can get paid higher as this company is bigger, hence more job opportunities!
      Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.58.01 pm

      Sadly they do not have any referral programme on for normal hire

  3. Blogging (Detailed & Personal)

Blogging itself opens 3 sources of income :

  • Advertisements (Google AdSense/Sponsored Post)
  • Referrals (Airbnb/RedMart/ To many to be named)
  • Affiliated Marketing (Selling of books – Amazon, Etc)

With courtesy from Kevin at  Turtleinvestor!, – A very humble, helpful and inspirational guy to many and especially to me.

This picture depicts his income report from April – June 2016


As you can see on an average he earns about $170+/3 months (this is a conservative amount) -> $2,040 (annually) – $226.73(Hosting cost) = $1,813 (Net Annual income)


Currently, I’m exploring into the 3rd alternative(Blogging) to earn additional income. This is how i fare so far….


The numbers represent my blog MONTHLY viewership

I have yet to earn any money through blogging as I can’t place GOOGLE Adsense due to the lack of my own domain(wordpress.com) But things have finally changed!!!!!!!!!!

“Always give more than you can receive”

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Starhill – What really matters in a REIT?

52 Indicators/ 1 Billion trading seminars / 1 Gozillion trading “proven” methodologies

I would say it is impossible for you to study everything and then choose the one that best fits you. Because by then, you would have probably passed away ( I know I would).

So why Numbers are important??

Price to Book Value – 0.87 (This shows that the stock is undervalued)

  • Would u rather pay the full $186k for a Mercz CLA 180 or $161.82k?

Total Debt to Equity Ratio – 55.893 (-Ability to pay off its debts using assets)

  • If the company would be liquidated, you wouldn’t lose ALL of your money

Net Income / Dividend Per Share – What to look for in these numbers? Make sure they’re growing healthily (If they aren’t… try to find reasons in their press release – But most of the time, it’s probably bullshit… so move on to the next company).

  • The growing numbers indicate that the current growth strategy is a working one ( It would even be better if you could get reports during a financial crisis and if it still shows growth)

Weight Average Lease Expiry – 6.8 Years (The average year/s of tenants expiry)

  • If tenants lease for a longer period of time, this means the REIT will have a constant stream of income for that period


“Remember investing/trading is a game of probability and the winner is the one constantly increasing it’s winning probability “

+1 P.I