Understanding Physical Gratification (Improving the investing mindset)

Whatever I want now has to happen now

Have you realised that it is through technology that we start to crave immediate gratification??

The evolution of behaviour is shape day by day through the used of a single technology, for  example when you ON your computer now – it immediately starts up. Remember those day where computers were slow and we were using dial-up to surf the web? you tend to be more patient and understanding.

It is not just through what you experienced personally but also socially (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram) – You see people who lives a certain lifestyle and you immediately yearn for it…. It sucks your soul and drains your brain to solely and desperately focuses on how you should make it happen overnight (or ASAP).

This blog post serves as a reminder to myself and hopefully to you. We should remain patient and calm at all times. Understanding physical gratification is not learning to avoid it but to be constantly aware of its effect and learning to embrace it.

“It is only with a clear mind, the best decision can be made.”

+1 Knowledge point

p.s I should start a point accumulation system to see how much I have earn over time

One thought on “Understanding Physical Gratification (Improving the investing mindset)

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