Starhill – What really matters in a REIT?

52 Indicators/ 1 Billion trading seminars / 1 Gozillion trading “proven” methodologies

I would say it is impossible for you to study everything and then choose the one that best fits you. Because by then, you would have probably passed away ( I know i would).

So why Numbers are important??

Price to Book Value – 0.87 (This shows that the stock is undervalued)

  • Would u rather pay the full $186k for a Mercz CLA 180 or $161.82k?

Total Debt to Equity Ratio – 55.893 (-Ability to pay of it debts using assets)

  • If the company would to be liquidated, you wouldn’t lose ALL of your money

Net Income / Dividend Per Share – What to look for in these numbers? Make sure they’re growing healthily (If they aren’t… try to find reasons in their press release – But most of the time, it’s probably bullshit… so move on to the next company).

  • The growing numbers indicates that the current growth strategy is a working one ( It would even be better if you could get reports during financial crisis and if it still shows growth)

Weight Average Lease Expiry – 6.8 Years (The average year/s of tenants expiry)

  • If tenants lease for a longer period of time, this means the REIT will have a constant stream of income for that period


“Remember investing/trading is a game of proability and the winner is the one constantly increasing it’s winning probability “

+1 P.I


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