Value Investing – What Really Matters Series

wa so many thing to take note of, like that by the time I evaluate a company I sure pass away one.

What company should I look at?? -something I’m familiar with? or everything since diversity is a good thing?

This is a question that many have asked but little have an answer to it, even for me, but what I do know is it that I’m looking for companies that are selling at a discount due to past inadequate evaluation/market cycle. (I love cheap stuff with value – Karang Guni)

  1. Identification of Companies that are undervalued.
    • Price to Earning Ratio
    • Price to Book Ratio
  2. Learn about Their numbers
    • Net Asset Value
    • Total Liabilities
    • Growth Performance
    • Cashflow management
*What had been listed are what I only know now, hopefully I will learn more important numbers/”stuff”*

I’ll be starting a value investing series that will cover Stocks, Reits and Bonds. Ideally, I plan to blog them twice a week, covering one instrument at a time (I will alternate it on a monthly basis). My intention is to practice yet at the same time share it with you all! 🙂

“Always give more than you can receive”

Can’t wait to add points into my  “Passive Income


2 thoughts on “Value Investing – What Really Matters Series

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