Perennial Real Estate Holdings – What really matters in a Bond

Bond is berry safe

Perennial is an integrated real estate and healthcare company, some famous building would be AXA tower, Triple one, Chijmes, Captiol, Chinatown Point

1.Learning the basics


Understanding the value of bond


The meaning of counter name

2. The numbers – Financially healthy 

  • Net Asset Value Per Share stands at : 1.345
  • Debt to Asset : 32.6% (2015)
  • Net Debt to Equity : 50% (2015)

In a “Bond” shell, what we (consumer) should look for is the ability of the company to be constantly paying back our money and our purchased value of it… we would’t want to be paying $1,200 (example)  for the bond and getting $1000 back during maturity.

As for me, it is not the interest that really pulls me away from investing into the bond but it is my “ikan billis” capital that prevents me from diversifying into different investment instruments.. i will eventually diversify when it grows bigger 🙂

p.s This is my first bond review, hopefully the pointers brought up was sufficient… Do advise or teach me if I have missed out important information 🙂

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