How to add more hours to your day – 2 Steps

Every second count……is it even logical for us to say that?

It is definitely easier to say what we can do then do what we have said. Have you realized the lack of hours we have in the day is a true excuse? Because I have….

  1. Identify How you spend every hour in a day (It takes 21 days to form a basic habit – as intimidating as it may sound, remember success is just a matter of attitude)

    • Use one week as an experiment – one month would be the best
    • Be as concise as possible when logging them down
  2. Learn to alter the time used through questioning

    • For example (Below are my habits on Monday- from an activity tracker)
      • 0800: Grind raw lemon juice and drink
      • 0830: Begin Market outlook (Forex)
      • 0900: Prepare a blog post
      • 0945: Prepare for gym
      • 1200: Have lunch
      • 1300: Watch youtube videos???
        • What can I watch to increase my knowledge yet at the same time entertains me? – Finance documentary or crash course
      • 1400: Watch Netflix??? 
        • What movies/tv series that stimulates my mind? – Wolf of wall street: “How do you sell a pen? by creating a demand”
      • 1500: No idea what to do now/ read other blogs/ check in and out of the chart 
        • How can I improve my “strengths”? 
      • 1700: Go back to watching Netflix??
        • Read a book
      • 1800: Prepare dinner to cook
      • 1900: Lost on what to do/ Watch videos/laze around at home
        • Plan what I can do for the next week/month and once it’s done I can watch all the “mindless” show
      • 2330: Sleep
    • Blues are solutions and Red are spotted habits that aren’t value added

In a “productive” nutshell, spending time on “mindless” activity is inevitable (we are all human) but how and when we choose to spend it, can only be decided by us. What we want to aim for is to be empowered (values/knowledge) at the end of the day, hence learning how to spend our time wisely is crucial.

“Only you can determine your future”

+1 knowledge point


If you’re curious on what I used to track my daily activities



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