How to reduce the need for health insurance?

Everyone is saying that prevention is better than cure!

This blog post will talk about the underlying power of fruits and vegetables... but everybody also say if sick must see doctor.. they say it is better…but ultimately would you rather pay for fruits or insurance or medical bills???

how much can fruits cost…as compared to insurance or medical bill….

  1. Do you know you can cure cancer with Fruits & Vegetables?…

    Shit this guy talking like some MLM bastard……. No but seriously have you heard of Raw Food treatment? ( Ya it is non-cooked food)…. HUH?!?!

    • What you need to know:
      • Only selective bunch of vegetables and fruits can be used for this Treatment/Diet
      • You have to first understand the root of your issue (What are you lacking of)
      • Cooking food destroys 100 percent of all enzymes in a food. Because many foods contain the necessary enzymes needed to digest that food (and get the nutrients out of the food), cooking food places a great burden on our body and does not allow you to get as many nutrients out of the food. Actually, cooking food does damage to the value of the food in over two dozen different ways. –
      • Juicing allows you to receive more nutrients from Vegetables and Fruits easier
      • Carrot is the world best cancer fighting vegetable of all! ( You can search it!)
  2. Understand the different power of Fruits and Vegetables

    As there are too many Fruits and Vegetable for me to list….. I’ll be linking them up for you reference

But you will never know when anything will come to you….”WHAT IF YOU ARE DESTINED TO GET CANCER?”….. Then let me ask you another question….. ” WHAT IF YOU ARE DESTINED TO DIE?”… just joking!… Anyway, looking back into the past where humans have a longer life span than now…. is it really cause of pollution or due to scientific advancement?…. we are on a never ending conquest to unravel what went wrong…why so loh soh today….

All in all, learning that people in the past uses fruits and vegetables to cure cancer why would you want to pay for insurance? because you have no time? because you’re lazy?…. I’m too… what can you do??….. Pre-cut the fruits on weekends and pack them in a “Vaccum container” / Lock-Lock container and consume it on ur weekdays. VOLA

“Remember Health = Wealth”

“+1 Knowledge point”

This post was inspired and tributed to my mum’s bestfriend (since secondary school), as she was recently stopped for cancer treatment by the doctor due to her weak health conditions. As we hope for the best, let us be reminded of what is really important to us.


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