What should you do during these poor economic situation??

lol everyone say save save save but everything so expensive how to save? 

“Economy is not expected to pick up in the near term | Weak demand in global trade | 2017 to expand at a mediocre pace” No significant pick-up in Singapore’s GDP growth  (ChannelNewsAsia)

Basically everything is not looking well….

  1. Strike out all irrelevant expenses ( Yea you don’t have to cab on a rainy days….unless got Uber promos….of course) – Learn where to bank you Loose Coins/Change here
  2. Have a purpose/meaning/goal to save money (It makes it easier)
  3. Seek opportunities to invest (You probably get deals at a better price)

It is always in adversities you will have the best opportunities that will appear infront of you! Anyway I have decided to purchase 2,400 units of Starhill ! Why? because it’s going be holiday period and I wouldn’t want to be socially pressure to buy buy buy other rubbish that is not good for my future of course……

“+1 Knowledge point”


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