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The power of visualization

Feel, Breathe and Visualize

“Seeing has always been a custom for believing (Sub/conciously)”

Hence, if you could visualize (see) yourself in a brand new car/house or a better state. You would then form a belief that you would achieve it…. Is that how fairy tales are created or is it true?

Does visualization motivates you to do better (Conciously and Subconciously)? or Does it makes you lazy?

There are many benefits of visulization but why is there little/none talks about it?

Is reality your best friend or your worst friend??

This question has been in my mind for this week and also I apologise for the lack of content for the past week as I was in GaungZhou!

A beautiful place that reminds me how beautiful I want my future to be.

Photos will be updated in my next post and more Analysis

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Sabana – What really matters in a REIT (4 step analysis)

How bad can a listed company go??

Listed on 2010 | 21 Industrial Property  – Chemical Warehouse & Logistic / High Tech Industrial / Warehouse logistic / General Industrial |

    • Price to Book Ratio : 0.643
    • Price to Earning Ratio : 6.81 [Rough number through average dividing from its Reit price] – Growing at below industrial standard of 14.172
    • Gearing : 73.14% ( Above average reliance on financing for growth)
    • Wale : 2.89 Years ( Not really good compared to Soilbuild at 4.8 years – Same industry)
    • Current Ratio : 0.231 (Inability to pay off short-term debt and long term obligation) – SoilBuild has a higher ratio by 7.2 times
    • Growth Rate :  -8%
    • Cash Flow Per Share : $ -0.1971 (Super bad)
    • Book Value per share: 0.808 (Probably due to the amount of properties that they have)
    • Worst management ability I’ve seen ( Decreasing dividend payout- worst sign | Poor Net income margin over the span of 5 years | Huge financing and investing losses | Crazy high payout ration in 2014?!?! )screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-56-29-amscreen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-56-25-am
  3. Technical Analysis
    Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 12.15.12 pm.jpg

    Sg.finance – Max Chart

    Market price of this Reit has constantly been dropping since April 2013 till now.  60% drop in market price since its peak – reflecting poor management ability to build demand and improve financial numbers.

    Currently price action (Market price) is consolidating and there are two probable reasons:

    • Sabana or its sponsors are buying back shares ( wasting money) to prevent market price from dropping further
    •  Institutional investors are giving hints for the next market direction
  4. Would I want to invest into it??

Definitely not… looking at how poor their financial numbers are managed and controlled… Imagine your company is making $100 of revenue per share and it has a payout ratio of 130% (which means you are paying your shareholders $130 of revenue per share) – Is it even wise? technically giving out more money than they earn….. As industrial times are bad, I really do hope Sabana are not buying back shares as they should really use the money to improve their management ability.

Starhub – What really matters in a Stock (Improve”d” edition)

As market get wilder, I’ll be trying to do more analysis as I would wanna be vested in such low price!

An integrated info – communications company | It is a subsidiary of Asia Mobile Holdings Pte Ltd | Founded in 1998 (17 years)


  • Price to book ratio : 22.672 (22 times overvalued of its actual value)
  • Price to earning ratio :  14.265 (Growing above industry standard of 9.844)


  • Debt To Equity : 429.534 % ( A very high reliance on financing for growth) – 4 times higher than M1 | 10 times higher than Singtel
  • Growth Performance : 7.03% (Better than Singtel by 7%)
  • Current Ratio : 0.948 ( Inability to pay off short-term debt and long term obligation if liquidated ) – Below industry standard (1.135)
  • Cash flow per share : 0.3632 ( You’re pay $3 for this stock) – Singtel has a better cashflow per share
  • Questionable management ability ( constant dividend payout | Poor net income for the past 4 years | Increasing  investing losses in  cash flow management – probably the reason in the drop of net income margin | Average days of payable increase by 5 FOLD?!?!?! Within a year?)Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.44.22 am.jpgscreen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-40-48-amscreen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-40-38-am


Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.49.22 am.jpg

Source : Sg.finance

Market currently at 2008 pricing, testing the key level ( Supply turn Demand zone). Market would have two outcome, either break downwards and retest the 2012 levels before confirmation it’s bear trend or it could find demand and retraces back upward.  Remember technical analysis is all about using historical pattern/movement to give you a better winning odd.

So how long would the market go down (If it does)?? My take is that market max drawdown would be to the year 2008 – 2009  (Price range of $2.20 -$2.40) before retracing back upwards…. This is so only if market (management) wakes up and realise is something wrong with their numbers….

4) Would I wanna be vested?

From the tonality of the post you would probably know already… Majority of its number are higher than its competitor (Highlighted in orange), which makes it less appetising for me to be in it.

Talk about Technological/Market Trend:

  • Cable Tv subscribers are only in it because they are lazy to cancel/FREE because of some plans
  • Netflix/Free online movie sources
  • 4th telecom (Better deals)
  • Asia’s Hedge Funds Suffer Highest Withdrawals in Four Years” – Bloomberg (This is actually where people should be more invested) | This is what make market price action more “repeatable” 

  • Market drop to year 2008 price within one year

Hopefully you guys like this “slightly improved” version!

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Singapore Airlines (SIA) – What really matters in a Stock


As political instability sits into the mind of everyone, market prices (Singapore stocks) are fluctuating to hit rock bottom.

Singapore Airline has a few subsidiaries  – Cargo / Engineering / Silkair / Scoot / Tours & Travel | Founded since 1947 |


  • Price to book ratio : 0.872 (13.8% undervalued)
  • Price to earning ratio : 14.047


  • Debt To Equity : 8.537 ( Very HIGH reliance on financing for growth – I was too sleepy last night)  The reliance on finance might be due to it’s capital intensive nature 
  • Growth Performance : -5.34
  • Current Ratio : 1.005 (Ability to liquidate in peace)
  • Cash flow per share : 2.11 ( You’re paying $9.77)
  • Average management ability ( Unstable dividend payout | 4 years constant growth in net income (Reducing cogs)| Still making loses under cashflow management)screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-11-24-19-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-13-at-11-24-16-pm

Technical Analysis

Market is making lower high and lower low (Bearish trend), while market is reaching 2001-2 area. Market might either find demand for buyers or sellers to short further down. (I might wait for confirmation before entering)

Would it be a buy ??? Hmm.. I would seriously consider this as everything looks decent (Average) but then again if the hesitation is there…. I guess I wouldn’t….

I guess the major hesitation comes from the unstable dividend payout and the cashflow management issues – 5 years of loss??? (Reinvesting activities must be high)

– As encouraged and reminded by a friend… I will try to impress IMPROVE (Obviously i was sleeping) my depth of analysis. in the stock

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How to save money on holidays

Go holiday also can save money?!?!

Basically my Gf and I have booked our flights to Bali for (4 Nights) and we are trying to find the “most value” for money placed to stay.

This post will be a comparison of Hotel/Villa and Airbnb’s Apartment (Mostly owned by people)

 Hotel (From Expedia – Since it’s heavily advertised in Singapore)

Prices starts from $26

Airbnb Apartment

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 5.19.41 pm.jpg

Prices starts from $14 onwards

We have decided to book an Airbnb Apartment (You can find the picture below).. So what is on Airbnb?

  • There are apartment/villa/resort owned by Investors/Individuals seeking for renters (Us)
  • It’s act as a medium to connect people who are looking for a cheaper alternative to hotel (This doesn’t mean in a drop of quality – just cheaper)
    • You might be able to find hotels on Airbnb sometimes
  • Airbnb renters relies heavily on the rating system to stay on top of the list
    • This means reputation is important
    • After each stay, everyone is required to rate their services or provide feedback
    • This comment/feedback can be seen and cant be hide by the owners

So what is good for first time Airbnb users????! – You can get $40SGD Travel Credit by signing up an account using my referral code (You have to book a stay first, in order to get it) and I’ll too receive $40 Credit. Click here if you want to sign up!

Some Booking Tips

  • Try to fly on Tuesdays as it is always cheaper
    • Do not choose designated seats
    • Request at the counter for window seat or you can do it in the plane (Most of the time there are empty seats and you wont be charge)
  • Airbnb always have Weekly discount and Monthly Discount (Stay longer since flight so cheap)

This is the apartment we are staying!

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 5.22.59 pm.jpg

We might extend our stay since got weekly discount….. i mean why not right…. 

Fortune Trust – What really matters in a REIT

Is oversea investing good? is HongKong doing better than Singapore?

Started in 2003 | Listen in both HKD & SGD market | 17 HDK properties |


    • Price to Book Ratio : 0.748 (26.2% Underpriced)
    • Price to Earning Ratio : 11.838

    • Gearing : 45.86% ( Low reliance on financing for growth)
    • Wale : 1.9 years 
    • Current Ratio : 0.145 (Inability to pay off short-term debt and long term obligation)
    • Growth Rate :  1.73%
    • Cash Flow Per Share : – Not provided –
    • Good to bad management ability ( Dividend payout started to decrease this year including performance – Drawdown on performance is substantial | Increase in financing and poor investing performance on cashflow)screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-50-13-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-50-08-pm


Technical analysis


Market is currently retracing of the 10 Hkd mark as it retest previous zone (Resistance turn Support), if market breaks the 10 Hkd, Market have a higher probability to trend high and if it doesn’t market will have to retrace and test key 2015-2016 level before indicating a “true” direction.

All in all, I think this Reit is honestly a good Reit that I would encourage you guys to look deeper into it….. or maybe wait for me to do further research… 😛

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