Fortune Trust – What really matters in a REIT

Is oversea investing good? is HongKong doing better than Singapore?

Started in 2003 | Listen in both HKD & SGD market | 17 HDK properties |


    • Price to Book Ratio : 0.748 (26.2% Underpriced)
    • Price to Earning Ratio : 11.838

    • Gearing : 45.86% ( Low reliance on financing for growth)
    • Wale : 1.9 years 
    • Current Ratio : 0.145 (Inability to pay off short-term debt and long term obligation)
    • Growth Rate :  1.73%
    • Cash Flow Per Share : – Not provided –
    • Good to bad management ability ( Dividend payout started to decrease this year including performance – Drawdown on performance is substantial | Increase in financing and poor investing performance on cashflow)screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-50-13-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-50-08-pm


Technical analysis


Market is currently retracing of the 10 Hkd mark as it retest previous zone (Resistance turn Support), if market breaks the 10 Hkd, Market have a higher probability to trend high and if it doesn’t market will have to retrace and test key 2015-2016 level before indicating a “true” direction.

All in all, I think this Reit is honestly a good Reit that I would encourage you guys to look deeper into it….. or maybe wait for me to do further research… 😛

“+1 Knowledge point”

“+1 Future PI”


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