The power of visualization

Feel, Breathe and Visualize

“Seeing has always been a custom for believing (Sub/conciously)”

Hence, if you could visualize (see) yourself in a brand new car/house or a better state. You would then form a belief that you would achieve it…. Is that how fairy tales are created or is it true?

Does visualization motivates you to do better (Conciously and Subconciously)? or Does it makes you lazy?

There are many benefits of visulization but why is there little/none talks about it?

Is reality your best friend or your worst friend??

This question has been in my mind for this week and also I apologise for the lack of content for the past week as I was in GaungZhou!

A beautiful place that reminds me how beautiful I want my future to be.

Photos will be updated in my next post and more Analysis

“+1 Knowledge Point”


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