InvestingNote – An investor’s dream

what honestly could be better than this a social network of experts?

A social space where every individual can share and learn more about a particular stock.

So how great is it? – 3 Main features that will blow your mind

1) Event Calendar – Fully automated!! (Everything is keyed inside it)

It includes companies AGM/EGM, corporate actions and result release. These are the times where stock prices are volatile, which means, allowing you to purchase them at a cheaper price or these are the times where are trader could liquidate their positions.

2) Charts  – Drawable ( Allows you to put your preferred indicators)

Have you tried finding for a FREE stock charting software before? – if you have, like me, you will definitely love this.

What’s so special about their charting software – Its by Tradingview (One of the best I’ve used). It allows you to do Full Screen, Draw lines, write words, Place almost all the indicators out there in the world, draw risk to rewards ratios and they allow you to create a watch list. The watch list is a bonus feature for me, which I think is really helpful for many, could you imagine if you have a portfolio worth $500k? or even 100k? where you have positions in almost 10-20 stocks?

3) Investing Academy  – Learn while using the platform

The investing academy is opened for all users to learn about the different strategies (Technical & Fundamental) and Mindset….all for FREE!!!!…How i wish this platform was available to me earlier.

All in all, it is currently one of the best platform that I’ve used and I would highly recommend everyone to use it. I’ve just uploaded my first market estimate, where you can see! Currently I have 0 followers LOL. Please follow me:( – Clive Ryan

“+1 Knowledge point”


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