2016 Reflection ( Introduction to Value Structure)

This is will be a short post as I’m getting lazier for christmas and new year

The initial start of this blog was basically to track what I’ve learnt throughout the year…. Have I achieve anyone of it?

I guess so…

There were so much things that I thought I’ve could accomplish  (Learning)… for example I actually had thought of expanding my knowledge into writing, business management, arts … You would have probably read about it here.

Would I called that a failure??

NO! too optimistic??? I’ve always be a realist and never believe education is about a destination… but you never studied what you are supposed to???…. are you doing irrational justification?

Value structure

What I’ve learn about value structure recently have reshaped my understanding of “How you do something is how you do everything”.  I.E : When you’re doing what you love (trading /financials – for me), you tend to put in A GREATER amount of energy and concentration into it as compare to something you don’t love doing (sweeping the floor).

Does that mean I don’t love learning?

NO! It basically means I have to shift my choice of learning topic to what I love… Should you really learn all that it is out there or those that are applicable to you?

I have no answer to that… I believe that is a personal journey for everyone


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