Is National Service a good thing? (Financially)

What was used 100 years ago should be used now because no one question it?

As educational value and experiences increases in life among the younger generation…Do you guys think National Service should be mandatory?

A Financial Example

Average working fresh graduate will have a monthly salary of $1,600 [After CPF] and a NS man is about $580.

Fresh graduate spends $20 a day, 1 week – $140, 1 month – $560 | Net $1,040

NS man, $40 each weekend (Nights out not included), 1 month – $160 | Net $420 

I will not go into details if he becomes a officer or sergeant, as the fresh graduate can also be having promotions, AWS, performance bonus or a job jump.

Fresh graduate will have $22,880 + 1600 (With 1 month bonus) = $24,480 in 22 months

Ns Man will have $1680 + $14,580 (after posting out – number is taken from a friend) = $16,260

Thats a difference of $8k, which is actually a very super conservative difference between the two.

A Value Example

Legend once said that NS is where your child will become a true man, in which he will learn to be responsible, disciplined adult and to finally grow some b@ll*s.

The average age of Ns man is at 18-28 , The average age of a corporate workforce is at 24-56. 

“You’re the average of your 5 closest friend you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

I believe individuals will gain more in terms of value in a corporate workforce than in National Service.  E.G – Conversation had with my past colleagues – are about life, how to think financially, how to improve on myself, why does this industry fit me, office politics (of course) and how to manage relationship with others.

Do individuals really learn ALOT in army?  or it had created a mindset that to ” make the best out of it as you have no choice “..

Opportunity and Sunk cost teaches us that, time wasted can never be gain back for something more meaningful

How you do anything is not how you do everything….. would u put in more effort in sweeping the floor than playing games/watch tv? What u value doing the least will have lesser effort being put inside as compared to what u value doing the most.

So why do everyone (Parents, friend) said that army is a good thing ?? Social influence and irrational justification?…. hmmm…

What do you guys think?




6 thoughts on “Is National Service a good thing? (Financially)

  1. Since PAP insists on people paying market price or at least cost price for everything e.g. healthcare, HDB flats, tertiary education, public transport, etc etc, so that people will treasure & value the services/goods — similarly govt should pay NS men market rate (e.g. pegged to SAF regular salaries) so that Mindef/SPF/SCDF will value & treasure the men and utilize them safely & productively. All too often you see NS men (particularly enlisted ranks or even Specs/NCOs) being used as unproductive cheap cannon fodder or cheap labour or with shoddy safety precautions (especially during my time before 1990).


    • Interesting point brought up about salary being too low for the work that is supposed to be done… but remember… the salary are coming from our income tax and erp…. and more erps… hahah. What do you think about reducing the amount of National service men intakes and increase wages for people who wants to serve?

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