Can you invest with little money? (Personal Journey)

How can a dollar everyday makes a difference?

Have you had this mentality – ” The sum of my money is too small/little to be invested, it will have no impact on anything” or “Wait until I get my bonus/ big pot of gold, then I should start studying and allocating my resource…. but first, I wanna get my gucci”

Many have asked me, why do I start investing even thou the money I put in is so small..

Let me put all these in numbers

(Example follows from the previous post – Is National Service a good thing? (Financially)

Imagine it is in 2003:

  • I net $1k/month | 1 Year – $12k (Without bonus)
  • Went through courses (Trading & Investing)
  • Spotted Tai Sin


2003, I bought $2000 worth of stock in this company, which gives me about 20k unit (Price at $0.10/stock) and sold off my 20k in 2007 units at a profit of $7,100 ( Price at $0.455/Stock). Imagine, if I’ve found 10 companies with such same attributes and invested $2k in each, I would have at least (we can never predict the game but only understand probability) $50k of capital gain (With a good risk – reward ratio)… in 4 years from my “first annual salary” investment.

So do you think your $2k has very little impact on your future?… Think again.

Currently I’m in TaiSin at a price of $0.37/stock… Why? because I didn’t spot it earlier 😦

“The only way to be rich, is to make your money work harder than you are at work”

“+1 Knowledge point”

This year, I would be investing $10k ($50k estimated return in 4 years) dollar into stocks alone. My realistic goal is to double my invested money every year, this means, $20k ($100k estimated in 4 years)  the next year and $40k ($200k estimated in 4 years) the following year.

To all it may look like a fantasy, but to me the numbers on the stock price proves that all of these are possible. In the mean time, I’ll have to sharpen my knowledge and skill to put me in a better investing spot.


4 thoughts on “Can you invest with little money? (Personal Journey)

  1. One can buy the same stock but at different times, mean different results. Talk is easy. E.g. If you have gone for Tai Sin in 2007/2008, the result is different.


    • You’re right Frederick! Talk is indeed cheap! But then again I doubt I will be entering tai sin during the 07/08 where price is at all time high – it puts me in a spot of uncertainty (no clue of my reward to risk ratio). All in all, my point is that you need to have good risk management and investment strategy (an edge) to win the game – hence this is why investment courses/knowledge is important and that’s why I put a conservative number of 7wins and 3 losses ($50k)


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