Change mobile network = Save money

yea you probably have heard before

But why haven’t you change since its the most “monetary wise” decision to do so.

Fear of changing number?? Registration fee?? Poor reception??

1) Free porting – means you can hold on your current handphone number with the change of Telecom!

2) Current registration fee is $10 on top of your plan but I got you.

  • So how much you pay for a 6gb plan with 100 min talk time and unlimited incoming calls = $18 (only for $1st month) // subsequent would be $28

3) Circle Life Leased its network from M1… so if you’re saying it has poor reception you’re saying M1 too.

I’m on with Circle Life now and using 4g everywhere I go // I didn’t get the 20gb for $20 because I think its abit too much of data for me – especially when I spent most of my time trading at home.

I was a previous Singtel user with the basic plan of 3gb/100 talk time/ free sms/Caller Id ($5) = $25  | I have exceeded this month by 900 mb and was charged $10, so I thought it was a good time for me to change to something of a greater value.


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