Is Bitcoin worth buying now?

What? – Bitcoin is a peer to peer currency with no central authority .

Why is everyone talking about it? – if you have purchase $100 dollar worth of bitcoin in Apr 2010 (Cost of one was 0.003), you would be a millionaire now (Current price SGD$3,437 of one bitcoin). Total profit of investment would be SGD$114,566,567

Should you buy some now? – I’d think you should buy if you have excess money to invest and not with a mentality of earning a quick return. Bitcoin is a good way to diversify your portfolio as every country are heading towards the “smart nation” direction ; a probable reason for the rice in recent price.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 8.46.33 am.jpg

Bitcoin weekly chart shows that market has been trending upwards since the start of early 2016 where market broke off previous high.

What are the other CryptoCurrencies out there? Currently, you can purchase Ethereum ($308 for one) or Litecoin for $39. They act exactly like bitcoin but it does not have much traction as it due to it’s late entry.

Where can you buy from? – I can only recommend Coinbase as I’ve only tried this website – I started purchasing some bitcoin from them since late 2015 and have successfully withdrew money from it. You and I can get $10 USD worth of Bitcoin by buying/selling a minimum of $100USD worth of digital currency from CoinbaseRegistration Link

p.s you can also purchase Ethereum and Litecoin.

Will you lose all your money (Bitcoin Bubble)?  – Bitcoin acts like any other currency (Euro/Dollar/Aud/Won/etc), it requires demand and supply of people and once there is a lack of either one, it will burst.

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