AUDCHF – 5th Week Of Feb

Weekly Analysis shows that market has an overall bullish trend (making higher highs and higher lows) but has currently come to a halt due to the recent lack of buyers to push the price beyond previous structure’s high. 

Daily Analysis clearly shows that market is in a bearish trend which contains a massive amount of sellers down the channel. Next week trade, I will be looking to trade the retracement of this market pair. Why? The market is currently trading in a respectable key level which previously had distinctive demands for the Aussie and good Risk to Reward Ratios.

4 Hour Analysis Structure of the market on the smaller timeframe indicates that the market is in a consolidated making mix trend characteristic while it breaks off a bearish channel. My entry strategy (long) would be to wait for the market to open with a gap (as circled) or market to trade higher and retrace (not beyond recent structure low) before entering.  The ideal Risk to Reward is set at 1: 2.5-3. 
p.s : I’m planning to go back to more personal finance too at the same time 🙂 been really busy with my upcoming exam.

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