Making Your SRS like CPF?

The main focus of this post is to illustrate one simple scenario on what you can do with your SRS account.

What are the attributes that CPF has?

  • The simplest form of investment
  • Steady payout (after retirement)
  • Constant Interest Rate
  • Credible

So why do people sign up for SRS?

  • Reduce income tax (after maxing up CPF contributions)
  • Invest with the money that will be “used to” pay for tax

It’s not easy to be the promissory interest rate that CPF gave with the investment being “simple”

So how do you make your SRS like Your CPF??


The clear reason for this recommendation is basically due to its simplicity/constant payout/credibility (don’t need to understand or research so much ~ compared to an index.)


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.38.31 PM.png
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p.s: as you can tell these, are not real fantastic instruments for investment but if you’re looking for something really basic (with huge capital in your SRS) search for independent agents who can provide you better annuities policies.

Hope it spurs a higher need in you to find better instruments 🙂

“+1 knowledge point”


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