USDCHF – 4th week of APR

Daily Chart – Tuesday’s close (bullish engulfing) increase market’s probability of trending upwards as the market progressively breaks bearish structure. The market is currently approaching 0.97800, daily levels, it is highly probable to see a decent selloff before market continues its bullish trend.
4 Hour Chart – Price action on the smaller time frame shows that the market is trading in a narrow channel (high bullish momentum), this increases the probability for a channel breakout, which is co-related to daily analysis, that market will have to retrace first. An entry should only be done once exhaustion of bearish retracement is visible in the key zone, such entry would put you in a 1:4 Risk to Reward Ratio.

AUDCHF – 3rd Week of Apr

Weekly Chart – The market appears to be trading in consolidation since late 2015 and has only started to build some sort of a bullish demand in late 2017. Market price action seems to be really sensitive when it reaches whole numbers on this pair. 
Daily Chart – Price action seems to be in a short-term bullish trend with a classical setup. What got my attention into this pair was that market had closed with a rather strong bullish hammer; increase the probability that market to be reversing soon or it’s just a natural” retracement after a quick build up as seen during the month of Mar-Apr.  Nonetheless, this signifies that it is time for me to put up key levels for entry orders.
4 Hour Chart – Tentative entry would have to be in an area where 4hour and daily key levels co-exist; this would increase your winning probability. An ideal entry would be either a bullish hammer pattern or a doji on either key levels. The rough RR ratio would be 1:3 / 1:4 depending.

NZDUSD – 2nd Week of Apr

Daily Chart – The market holds a current short-term bullish structure that is trading in a consolidated zone. It holds a weak bullish characteristic as it fails to break bearish structure over two retracements. This increase the market’s probability of trading lower.
4 Hour Chart – I’ll be waiting for next week’s price action to be trading around this area before deciding to enter. Entry requirement has to show signs of bullish exhaustion and a strong bearish potential (hammer pattern / doji). The ideal RR ratio would be 1:2. Price action can’t break the blue line as it would signify that market is still in a bullish trend.

GBPCHF -1st Week Of Apr

Weekly Chart – Price action on this market pair indicates a highly probable bearish retracing soon; closed with a bearish inverted hammer pattern in key level, with the failure to break previous structure high. The market is currently holding a short-term bullish trend with weak trend structure.
Daily Chart – The market has previously broken its bullish channel with a strong price rejection at 1.350. It would be highly probable for the market to retrace fast in the coming week, take profit level would be in the green zone. Conservative entries would be to wait for the market to break current consolidated structure ( blue dotted line).
4 Hour Chart – As you can see the market has broken the short-term bullish trend, this strengthens the odds of our analysis. The conservative would wait for the market to be trading in the green zone with a bearish trend continuation pattern. The ideal RR would be 1 : 2.5 – 3. If the market would to gap beyond the green zone, it is highly recommended to avoid trending this market pair. 
The first take profit level would be the blue dotted line and the second would be the Daily S&R line (Red).