Income Stream – 3 Ways to earn more each month! (Comprehensive)

Cannot you MUST follow society, study hard get good grades and get a good job! Work only one job and focus all your energy on it and pray that one day u can be a millionaire

Have you been faced with this question HOW and WHAT can we do to earn extra $$$???

  1. Online Surveys

    1. CrashCrate – An average survey will give you about $1 which will require about 10-15mins of your time (You will earn minimum $1 a day ) – $30 USD a month 

      I have yet to withdraw money from this survey but i’m 14 surveys short to my first withdrawal! I’ll let you guys know 14 days from now! In the meanwhile, you can research on this survey website – It has a 10 year no payment fault history (Super reliable)! 

  2.  Freelance work

    1. Fiverr – Allows you to sell any services that you are able to give (Accounting/Designing/Admin Work)

      Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.51.23 pm

      Fiverr – I have attached my referral link to give you a free GiG (Means you can get a free service)

    2. Freelance – Something similar to Fiverr but you can get paid higher as this company is bigger, hence more job opportunities!
      Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.58.01 pm

      Sadly they do not have any referral programme on for normal hire

  3. Blogging (Detailed & Personal)

Blogging itself opens 3 sources of income :

  • Advertisements (Google AdSense/Sponsored Post)
  • Referrals (Airbnb/RedMart/ To many to be named)
  • Affiliated Marketing (Selling of books – Amazon, Etc)

With courtesy from Kevin at  Turtleinvestor!, – A very humble, helpful and inspirational guy to many and especially to me.

This picture depicts his income report from April – June 2016


As you can see on an average he earns about $170+/3 months (this is a conservative amount) -> $2,040 (annually) – $226.73(Hosting cost) = $1,813 (Net Annual income)


Currently, I’m exploring into the 3rd alternative(Blogging) to earn additional income. This is how i fare so far….


The numbers represent my blog MONTHLY viewership

I have yet to earn any money through blogging as I can’t place GOOGLE Adsense due to the lack of my own domain( But things have finally changed!!!!!!!!!!

“Always give more than you can receive”

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