Did I earn money from my blog?

After this month, my website link will be back to financialveracity.wordpress.com

1 year of blogging had taught me alot; how to reach out to a bigger audience, how to form “my own” typing style, how to connect with other bloggers, how to do sponsorship post (lucky to have these experience).

Honestly, I can’t be thankful enough for all these experiences (Glory to God).

Why have I decided not to continue purchasing the premium plan for the link (financialveracity.com) or to find a different provider?

To be frank with you (as always), I’m actually waiting for my cousin to help me with everything regarding the website (other than posting all the usual finance nonsense) but it might take quite awhile as he’s quite busy with his wedding preparation!

Conclusion : It would only be foolish to subscribe another 1 Year plan

How much have I earn from this blog?

You got it right! $0

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.49.21 pm

But there you got $18.89 there and … the minimum withdrawal sum is $100.

Then why would you ask your cousin to upgrade you blog?

Firstly, My cousin have offered to help me (very very thankful) to do it for free while I pay for the cost of maintaining it.

Secondly, many have told me that I should have earn more if i know how to optimise and etc.. which I have no flying cake idea what they are talking about. So this would be a second chance at making the blog self-sustaining through ads.

Thirdly, I think its still much nicer and easier to have “.com” than to type the whole bloody “wordpress.com”.

Conclusion; bare with me for the meantime and if you’re really lazy to type…. Join the mailing/subscription list.  It will include a summary of my blogpost and a link to it 🙂