CADCHF – 3rd Week of March

Weekly Chart The market seems to hold a bullish structure with the market closing with an engulfing candlestick pattern this week. This gives short-run bullish trades a higher winning probability and that’s what we want.
Daily Chart The market has recently broken off from the bearish channel with a strong bullish momentum that has too, smashed previous bearish structure high. This signifies the higher probability of an inefficient selling next week with the influx of buyers.
4 Hour Chart The following week I would be looking for a retracement in either the 4/1 Hour timeframe before entering. I’ll too, be looking for an exhaustion on that retracement before entering, this is to keep my RR ideal and holding my position for the long run (top green line at 0.76239) possible.

Making Your SRS like CPF?

The main focus of this post is to illustrate one simple scenario on what you can do with your SRS account.

What are the attributes that CPF has?

  • The simplest form of investment
  • Steady payout (after retirement)
  • Constant Interest Rate
  • Credible

So why do people sign up for SRS?

  • Reduce income tax (after maxing up CPF contributions)
  • Invest with the money that will be “used to” pay for tax

It’s not easy to be the promissory interest rate that CPF gave with the investment being “simple”

So how do you make your SRS like Your CPF??


The clear reason for this recommendation is basically due to its simplicity/constant payout/credibility (don’t need to understand or research so much ~ compared to an index.)


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.38.31 PM.png
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p.s: as you can tell these, are not real fantastic instruments for investment but if you’re looking for something really basic (with huge capital in your SRS) search for independent agents who can provide you better annuities policies.

Hope it spurs a higher need in you to find better instruments 🙂

“+1 knowledge point”

NZDUSD – 2nd Week of March

Daily Chart The market currently shows that market has a high probability to not trend lower with it being unable to break previous structure low (exhausting short-term selling with a bullish engulfing) and breaking previous bearish high (dotted line).  This puts the market in a higher probable bullish position than bearish.
1 Hour Chart As price action will be really sensitive to the engulfing closing made during the Friday’s price action, I would hope to see a gap down first before an entry, or price action to break key trend line (which is also my first take profit level ~ if entered earlier) and retrace.
Both trades will have an estimated RR of 1:3.1-3, tentatively the stop loss should be on structure low.

AUDCHF – 5th Week Of Feb

Weekly Analysis shows that market has an overall bullish trend (making higher highs and higher lows) but has currently come to a halt due to the recent lack of buyers to push the price beyond previous structure’s high. 

Daily Analysis clearly shows that market is in a bearish trend which contains a massive amount of sellers down the channel. Next week trade, I will be looking to trade the retracement of this market pair. Why? The market is currently trading in a respectable key level which previously had distinctive demands for the Aussie and good Risk to Reward Ratios.

4 Hour Analysis Structure of the market on the smaller timeframe indicates that the market is in a consolidated making mix trend characteristic while it breaks off a bearish channel. My entry strategy (long) would be to wait for the market to open with a gap (as circled) or market to trade higher and retrace (not beyond recent structure low) before entering.  The ideal Risk to Reward is set at 1: 2.5-3. 
p.s : I’m planning to go back to more personal finance too at the same time 🙂 been really busy with my upcoming exam.

14/2/18 – UOB

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.25.56 AM.png

Weekly Chart Analysis – Price action on the stock indicates that it is in an overall bull trend ( started in 2009 ), making higher highs and higher lows. Something I spotted was that market tends (high probability) to retrace to the 0.5 area before moving higher.

Current price action indicates a probable retracement more than a continuation of the trend.


Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.36.46 AM.png

Daily Chart Analysis – Differs a lot from the weekly chart, where it shows that price action has recently respected previous structure low (maintaining the trend characteristic). The market still has a leg room to prove the retest, hence an entry now wouldn’t be a wise one.

The ideal entry would be an exhaustion in retracement like the current one, It will provide a better Risk to Reward Ratio.

2/2/18 – Singtel

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.50.02 PM.png

Weekly Chart: Price action on the stock seems to be trading in a consolidation range with an up build of a bearish character. If the market breaks 2016’s structure low, it would have completed a bearish trend requirement. Thus, increasing the probability of Singtel’s share price to drop even lower. What the possibility of that??

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.51.06 PM

Daily Chart – It seems that there’s a great probability of such happening, as price action has recently just broken previous structure low ~ forming a bearish trend. If you’re planning to long this stock, It would only be wise to be in when a retracement happens. I’d think Singtel has a high probability to be trading around 2013 price level.


2/02/18 GBPJPY

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.32.57 PM.png

Weekly Analysis – The market pair was initially trading in with a bearish momentum ( lower higher and lower low) till late 2016. As price action did not break previous structure low, it signifies a strong bullish possibility.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.39.44 PM.png

Daily Analysis – Knowing that all trades have to be aligned with the bigger time frame, I waited for the market to break key level and retrace ( for better risk/reward ratio) and entered on a smaller time frame. This has brought me a trade with a 1 : 4.64 RR.

Side note: I might exit and not trade my trade once market hit my target.